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Permanent Account Number (PAN) is a ten-digit alphanumeric number where every citizen in India holds it. This card is mainly used for financial transactions and mostly used by the taxpayers. Pan Card Correction Form will be download on official website of pan card. as well as you can download pan card on official portal

Department of Income Tax supplies PAN CARD to every citizen of India and assigns a unique identification number. Pan card is necessary for various purposes like opening bank accounts, purchase of assets beyond limits, etc.

How to Correct Pan Card Correction Form 2018

Pan card is valid throughout the person’s life. It acts as a basic keynote for storing all the information and no two people will have the same PAN number.  you can correct pan card correction form from official pan card website

pan card correction

Why to modify the basic details in PAN card:

PAN card includes the necessary details like Name of the person, Address for communication, Date of Birth, Signature, and spellings. The person must carefully check all the details while applying. Because it reflects on other information where the permanent account number is the same. By some means, if any of the details changes it is advisable to correct all the details immediately. They may not seem too serious, but it is mandatory to correct the details as soon as possible. It is more advisable to correct all the details at the earliest stage. you can know update pan card status uti on after 7 days of changing your details

Eligibility criteria for Holding PAN card:

  • The first criteria for holding PAN card is that the person must be the citizen of India.
  • Minors can also hold PAN cards by using the valid proof address of his/her parent.
  • If a company needs a PAN card, the company must register with the Registrar of Companies and should provide the copy of the registration certificate.
  • If an applicant who is an Indian citizen but resides outside India they must provide all their details of bank account statement of their residing/present country.
  • Trusts, Associations, Local authorities, etc. can apply for PAN card with their registration certificates.

Modifying or making corrections in PAN card:

Suppose if an applicant wants to change any of the details they must first know the procedure or steps to do all those corrections. The best and appropriate way of making such corrections is only through the official website. It is mandatory to have some of the documents or proof of the details of Name, Address, DOB & Father’s name for changing or correcting the details. It is more beneficial and easy to correct the details in PAN card which creates a great impact anytime.

Documents required for changing the Pan Card details:

To make corrections in PAN card like changes in Name, Date of Birth, Change in the name of the firm/company, Name change due to marriage we require some basic documents which are mandatory. We need some supporting documents to change the details.

  • If the applicants want to change their names, then they must have a name change certificate from the gazetted officer, or they must show their name change publication in the official gazette.
  • For women applicants, if they want to change their details like Initials, and want to add the surnmaes, then they must show their Marriage certificate or Invitation card or the certified copy from the gazetted officer.
  • Whereas if you want to change any of your birth details, that is a change in date of birth then the applicant must hold the Correct and original ID proof with the correct date of birth.
  • Also if there are any changes in the name of the company or the firm, then the company must show their certificate from Registrar of Companies.
  • While considering companies, if any partner moves out or any new partner comes inside the company then they must hold their updated partnership deeds.

Likewise it is necessary to hold some simple documents to make corrections in PAN card.

CHANGE Name and Address in  PAN card:

It is so simple to change or modify the details in PAN card where we can easily do it in online. So by simpler means, we can say that we can do all these steps to change the PAN data. First, we have to fill the PAN card correction form.

  • First we have to visit the official website and click on CSF Form then click on “Changes or correction in PAN Data”.
  • Now enter the 10-digit PAN number.
  • Now we have to fill all the details with the correct data which is mandatory.
  • Details like prefixes (Mr., Miss., Mrs., Shri) and abbreviations (like Ltd, Pvt, Corp.) are not allowed while filling up the application.
  • All the details must be correct and perfect, also the applicants must hold all their supporting documents while making corrections.
  • Applicants must clearly carry out their corrections regarding spellings, Initials, Contact Address, etc.
  • After correcting all the details we must submit the application form “by clicking the submit button”.
  • Now it is mandatory to pay the processing fees for making corrections.
  • After submitting the fees we can check the status and we must note down the acknowledgement number.

Note: Applicant must fill all their details in English.

There are different types of PAN card which is available for Individuals, Companies/Firms, Indian citizens residing in abroad, Trusts, Associations, etc.

Advantages of using PAN card:

  • We can use PAN card throughout the country where it is unique for every entity.
  • We can avail many connections like Electricity, LPG, telephone, Internet, etc. using PAN card.
  • This is mostly for the tax payers where it tracks all the financial informations like investments, payment of taxes, debt liabilities, etc.
  • Misusing is not possible because each PAN card has its unique number where no two persons share the same PAN number.

By the above simple procedures, we can easily correct the details in PAN card directly through online and without visiting any government offices. There are lots of advantages when we use a PAN card where it is becoming a mandatory one for all taxpayers. This card is essential for financial transactions, opening bank accounts and all issues and problems related to bank sectors.

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